End of Summer Checklist

 “When summer gathers up her robes of glory, and like a dream of beauty glides away.”

Sarah Helen Whitman

It’s hard to believe that summer is coming to an end. Where did the time go? While I love hot summer days by the pool, I love fall even more! Here is a seasonal checklist to make sure your home is in great shape for the cooler months ahead.

  • Start a note on your phone or a paper “to do” list. You’ll find that as you begin to tackle this list, “to do” items will come up. Be prepared and have your note on hand.
  • Get a bag/box for donations set up near your front/back door. Try to donate as much as you can!
  • Check all sunscreens for expiration dates. Toss expired sunscreen.
  • Sort beach towels. Donate older towels to a local animal shelter.
  • Sort and purge swim and outdoor toys.
  • Sort and purge summer accessories – think googles, sunglasses, visors, hats, pool shoes, etc.
  • Sort and purge summer wardrobe.
  • Deep clean grill and accessories. Check the cover, make sure you have a good place to store the grill (or a good cover) for when the weather gets cold. 
  • Patio and porch clean up. Scrub tables and chairs. Clean outdoor cushions. Make sure you have a good cover(s) for your furniture/place to store when the weather gets cold.
  • Store outdoor rugs.
  • Remove and store outdoor lighting.
  • Clean out the garage. Create space for items that need to be stored for the winter.
  • Clear out flower beds and weed the yard.
  • Check hoses and sprinklers. If you have a sprinkler system, schedule your sprinkler blow out now.
  • Walk the perimeter of your home and check for cracked sidewalks, gaps in the foundation or windows.
  • Check your walkways.
  • Clean and cover A/C.
  • Check furnace filters. It’s helpful to set a calendar reminder so that you remember to change them regularly out during the winter.

Happy organizing!

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