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Our mission is to help clients achieve and maintain a deep sense of calm in their physical environment.  When we exist in a calm, organized milieu, we thrive.


Q: What makes Create Calm different from other Professional Organizers?
A: At Create Calm we believe that teaching organizational strategies and habits it the key to an organized life. While any organizer can come in and tidy your space, your ability to maintain the organization is another story! We empower our clients with the strategies and habits they need to truly transform their lives!

Q: How long will it take to organize my space?
A: While there are many factors to take into consideration (i.e. the size of the space, how much stuff you have, etc.), the most important factor is you! The faster you make decisions, the faster we organize. That said, WE ALWAYS PRIORITIZE GETTING IT RIGHT. No fast and sloppy here. The more you put into it, the more likely you are to maintain your space. 

Q: Do I have to throw my stuff away?
A: Not necessarily. The decision to keep or let go of items is entirely yours. We do believe, however, that owning fewer, quality items promotes a sense of calm and elevates your happiness. 

Q: Should I clean up before you come?
A: Please don’t! It is best for us to see exactly what’s going on so that we can come up with an organizational system that is just right for you.

Q: Should I buy organizing bins/products before our session?
A: A firm NO to this one! We will determine the right products for you during our organizing session, so save yourself the trip! We have spent endless hours researching products and can easily guide you. 

Q: Will you shop for me?
A: Yes! Time spent shopping for products can simply be applied to your organizing package. What may take you an afternoon at The Container Store can take us a fraction of that time. We are THAT familiar with organizing products!

Q: Can you help me design my closet?
A: Yes! Create Calm can offer guidance and recommendations on closet layout, as well as help you assess the right closet system for your specific needs and budget.  

Q: Are you eco-friendly?
A: At Create Calm, we care deeply about the environment. We strive to use sustainable products whenever possible.

Q: “I’m afraid people will judge my mess. Will you judge my mess??"
A: This one always breaks our heart NO! Rest assured, zero judgement. Period. We are here to help guide and elevate you. We know that everyone in life has something they need to work on. So why not do it with a friend by your side, teaching you and cheering you on? We believe in you.

Q: I need guidance, but would prefer to organize on my own. Can you still help me?
A: No problem! Create Calm offers Project Consulting. We also offer a variety of workshops throughout the year. Be sure to check out our Education tab!