The Power of Routine

I want to share a few strategies that will help you channel your stress during this unprecedented time. “Routine” is the name of the game! Routines create structure and reduce chaos. Try to incorporate a few of these suggestions into your daily routine.

Having a good day starts the night before. 

Evening Routine

  1. Spend a minimum of 30 minutes picking up. With everyone home, there’s just more stuff out. Take time to thoughtfully, intentionally put things away. Make it a family affair! You will thank yourself in the morning. 
  2. Make sure your kitchen is cleaned (disinfected), dishes put away, and sink wiped out. For the time being, I am keeping a spray bottle with a 1:10 bleach/water solution and a rag (washed daily) to hit all “high touch” surfaces. While I almost always opt for a natural solution, we simply are not taking any chances right now. 
  3. Set up your coffee/tea for the morning. Priorities, people!
  4. Lay out your (workout) clothes.
  5. Have a glass of water by your bed.
  6. Try deep breathing for 5 minutes before climbing into bed. Inhale for a count of four, exhale for a count of four. Keep it simple. If you can only do 30 seconds or a minute, that’s an accomplishment. Pat yourself on the back and get to sleep!
  7. Go to bed at the same time every night.

Morning Routine

  1. Wake at the same time every day.
  2. Drink that glass of water by your bed! Water helps to flush toxins out of your body. If toxins build up, your immune system may become compromised. So drink up!
  3. Put your workout clothes on and move your body! If the weather is nice, get outside (as long as you keep your distance!).  Nature is calming. You can walk, run, do lunges down the block – whatever you need to get your body moving. Even when the weather is not ideal, there are SO many free online workout options. 
  4. If you are a parent, try to shower and dress before your kids wake up. Take the time to take care of YOU. Remember, the oxygen mask goes on the parent first!
  5. Eat a healthy breakfast. Most of us actually have the time now to sit down and eat a civilized breakfast, rather than shoving food in our mouth as we rush out the door to work or to take the kids to school.  
  6. Do “deep work” in the morning. Most of us do our best work before 1pm, so aim to carve out quiet time to get your work done before then.

Taking control of what you can right now is the key to getting through this crisis!

Thinking of you all.


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