Creating Calm During a Crisis

This has been a challenging time for everyone. Please know that I am sending positive thoughts your way. While the world seems to have spun out of control, there are things that we can do each and every day to help Create Calm in our homes. Here are a few suggestions to consider today:

  1. Have a meeting with everyone you live with. It is so important to have an open, honest discussion about what each person needs to get through this challenging time. If you are not familiar with the Five Love Languages, now might be a good time to brush up!  We all have different needs, and opening the lines of communication in a safe, healthy way is critical during this crisis. 
  2. Create a new, shared language in your home. Children (and some adults!) are naturally focused on their own needs. Gently shift your language from “Put your (fill in the blank) away!” to “The family needs you to….” It may seem subtle, but by changing our tone and choosing our words carefully we create much calmer environment. Not only will our words be better received, but we are creating a sense of shared responsibility.  
  3. Create a routine. Hopefully by now you have your pantry stocked and your loved ones have made it safely home. Now, more than ever, we need routine. Routines create a sense of order amidst the chaos. It provides much-needed predictability at a time where nothing seems certain. Keep your sleep and wake times the same every day. Meal times also provide a natural sense of structure to the day. Be consistent. 
  4. Put your oxygen mask on first. Do whatever you need to take time for yourself, so that you can be there for others. For me, this means waking up early, so that I can move my body, shower, and drink a cup of coffee before everyone else rises. Find what works for you and make it part of your routine.
  5. Stress = Strict (credit to Rachel B!). I ran into my friend, Rachel, at Whole Foods a few weeks ago.  Knowing I love a good mantra, she shared her latest one with me – stress equals strict. When life gets crazy, it is more important than ever to be strict with yourself. That means eat well, exercise regularly, limit your social media consumption, maintain your level of organization, and keep your routines consistent!

I will be sharing organizing tips in the days to come. But it is so critical that we lay a solid foundation for calmness in a time of crisis.

Hang in there, friends! 


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