What Can You Let Go Of?

“Some of us think that holding on makes us strong; but sometimes it is letting go.” 

-Hermann Hesse

There is no doubt that Covid has been hard. Like, really, really hard! 2022 is just around the corner, and I think we all need something to look forward to. So let’s do a bit of a deep dive and figure out what we need to do to create calm in the new year. 

Today I invite you to ask yourself, “What is weighing me down? What is preventing me from showing up as the best version of myself?”

For some people, it might be physical clutter. Perhaps it is time for a whole house purge? Or maybe there is a specific room that has been collecting more items than are actually needed (think toy and storage rooms, as well as home offices!). For others it may be emotional clutter, such as a relationship that is unhealthy, or feeling dissatisfaction at work. Mental clutter of any kind is also challenging. Sometimes we feel overwhelmed with the endless ‘to do’ list. Or simply dealing with the logistics of living through a pandemic. And let’s not forget about digital clutter! Maybe it’s time to clean out your inbox? Or cut down on the amount of time you spend scrolling through your social media feed? Better yet, curate your feed so that it reflects what you value.

In order to address any type of clutter in a meaningful way, we must create space in our lives to process how we got here in the first place. Before the new year, try this simple exercise: Take a few minutes to journal about what is weighing you down. Make a list and be as specific as possible. Then take a moment to write down what your ideal life would look like. Again, be specific in your list. Then take a good, hard look at your list of what is weighing you down and ask yourself, “what can I let go of to create space for the life I truly want?” For example, maybe you feel overwhelmed every time you look at your closet. That indicates it is time to simplify and let go of items in your closet that you no longer use or love. Consider curating your wardrobe and keep only those items that make you feel your very best. 

This little exercise may seem simplistic, but the goal is to be more intentional as we move into the new year. Change doesn’t happen overnight. It begins with awareness. And once we are aware of what is no longer serving us, we can then take meaningful steps to make a change.

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