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If you are hoping to start the academic year off strong, this post is for you!  In a few short weeks, my youngest kiddo will start his senior year of high school. This transition is bittersweet, to say the least. He will be starting at a new school for his senior year, which is a […]

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If you’ve ever had an organizing session with me, you’ve probably heard me say that our physical surroundings tend to reflect our inner state-of-being. If our environment is cluttered, it is very difficult to feel calm. And while many of us got serious about organizing our homes during the shut down in 2020, we are […]


The holiday season is upon us and it is the perfect time to reflect on the art of giving. In our culture, it is all too easy to get caught up in buying the latest gadget for our homes, or toys for our children. While there is no denying that it feels good to give, […]


The entryway to our home is one of the most important spaces we organize. Not only is it where we store many of our essential personal belongings – keys, purses/bags, coats, shoes, mail, etc. – it is the first space our guests see when entering our home. Having strong organizational systems in place helps our […]

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Words just can't express the change Alison made in my life.

Her gentle spirit and encouraging, nonjudgmental manner gently moved me out of a hoard that had negatively affected my life in countless ways. Sometimes we just get stuck and need someone like Alison to hold our hand and move us through the process of reclaiming our lives and making our home the sanctuary we deserve. I am grateful that she is in my life. I love my home again. 

- Cindy W.

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