5 Summer Organizing Tips

Summer often brings a slower pace (though not always!). If time allows, try tackling these spaces for an enhanced sense of calm in your life. Remember, too much of anything is never good for us. Less is more!

1. Declutter Your Entryway The entryway is the first impression of your home. Keep it calm and functional by:

  • Installing hooks for keys and bags.
  • Adding a small bench with storage for shoes.
  • Using a tray or basket for mail and other small items.

2. Revamp Your Closet Summer is a great time to evaluate your wardrobe. Consider:

  • Donating clothes you haven’t worn in the past year.
  • Using slim, matching hangers to save space.
  • Organizing by color or type for easy access.

3. Streamline Your Kitchen A well-organized kitchen can make meal prep a breeze:

  • Sort your pantry items by category and use clear containers.
  • Keep frequently used utensils and appliances within reach.
  • Label shelves and containers for easy identification.

4. Create a Relaxing Outdoor Space Enjoy the summer weather by organizing your outdoor areas:

  • Clear out any clutter from your patio or deck.
  • Add comfortable seating and cozy lighting.
  • Keep gardening tools and supplies neatly stored.

5. Tidy Up Your Home Office Boost productivity with an organized workspace:

  • Use cable management solutions to keep cords under control.
  • File important documents and recycle old papers.
  • Personalize your space with inspiring decor.

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